We Hate Chemistry

Yüz kök iki kişiye sorduk.


"Chemistry is useless to an engineer, while physics is the most critical and fundamental part of engineering. The only time a engineer needs chem is in materials, which the majority of them dont ever use, so we don't."
On beşi;
"We hate chemistry... Really!"
Yirmi beşi;
"-I hate chemistry! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!
-Me too. Me too. Me too!!!!!11"
Otuz beşi;
"Well, I hate chemistry too. Every chemistry teacher I know sucks! They are all stupid and don't accept arguments!"
Kalan birkaçı;
"I agree. Chemistry sucks. So... I shouldn't take chemistry?"
Ve kök ikisi;
"-Abi, Eren'in selamı var.
-O kim ya?"

So say we all!

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